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  Immersive 360° projections that transform reality Polidomes International projection domes create a completely immersive 360° degree virtual reality experience that fills the entire surface of the projection dome screen. The viewers are immediately carried into an alternative reality. This hi-tech solution provides marketers and promoters of all types of events with a limitless range of creative opportunities. Projections on the dome are exceptionally striking and attractive and are powerful promotional tools that stir the imagination, engage audiences, inspire emotions and offer a remarkable, unique experience. See Immersive Geodesic Domes Projects. Modern Projection Dome Visualisation     Projection events for Volvo, National Geographic, Volkswagen, Art Basel Festival and many others. One of the focal points of the Art Basel 2016 party was a Polidomes Immersive Projection Dome. The event was visited by popular celebrities and icons of contemporary culture, fashion

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